October 22, 2022

She Who Shapes The Land, Pele the Goddess of Fire WIth Mana Comics

Moana Nui Podcast is proud to present Pele, Goddess of Fire in her very own comic series! In this episode, we talk to Chris Koanui the founder and CEO of Mana Comics who is the creator of Hawaiiʻs popular comic book imprint.

Pelehonuamea is one of the most feared and respected gods of Hawai'i. Pele is the mother of the red earth, goddess of volcanoes, and is also known as she who devours and shapes the land. This story, set in present day, shows Pele wandering Hawai'i in a world she does not recognize. Humans have desecrated the islands in the name of progress and she finds her heart filled with utter disdain. How could mankind allow all this destruction to happen to her home?

Meanwhile Boraz, a new god from the North, is on a bloody quest to dethrone and destroy false gods claiming he alone is the one true god! Boraz's rampage has thus far been unstoppable and with his sights set on the Hawaiian islands will Pele intervene or will she turn her back on the islanders as she feels they have turned their backs on her? You can back this campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/247175080/pele-1 

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