May 27, 2021

Episode 11: Leading the Pack with TJ Sterling

Taylor "TJ" Sterling was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At an early age he displayed a very keen and almost prodigious talent for art. In the late 1980’s, TJ took a serious interest in drawing comic books and superheroes. After graduating college, working at Marvel and doing some cover work for Dark Horse Comics, TJ started his own company, RAE Comics.  TJ is also passionate about sharing his knowledge and mentoring youth interested in comics and storytelling via the Junior 100 program. As the eldest sibling of his family, TJ is no stranger to being a role model and example to those within his sphere.

TJ recently raised over $20K on Kickstarter for his flagship book, OKEMUS.

His newest space adventure, Joystick Angels, is currently live for pre-orders!  Grab your copy today and get BONUS items with your order!


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Moana Nui Podcast is a storytelling podcast to celebrate and honor the history, culture, & perspectives of POC, indigenous, and African Diasporan peoples. 

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